Friday, August 30, 2013

Calling in the weekend

Tights - Cubus // Sweater - Zara // Vest - Vero Moda // Shoes - // Necklace - Bik bok
A quick snapshot from today's outfit taken by Emma at the gym.

TGIF! I'm calling in the weekend with movies and snacks. To me Friday is the reload-day of the week. You're tired from school and need time to reload before the weekend really starts, and it is a super way to catch up with the TV series you're watching.

Since Emma and I finish school earlier on Fridays, we decided to be a little bit sportier today. We went to the gym right after school and I had a good workout on both back and arms. We've actually been working out more often lately, partly because we have an ongoing bet to get abs before our Londontrip in November. We will have to see how that turns out, but it's fun to work out anyway, especially since it gives me tons of energy.

Well, well - Hope you enjoy your Friday, whether you're out partying or sitting at home.

- Linh

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