Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So.. Remember that blog of yours?

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Well, long time no posts. You know when you got too much to do, but end up doing nothing? Well, my days have been like that. I feel like my schedule is overbooked and my to-do-list is meters long. And still, I don't find myself stressing about anything. What's going on here? It was only a couple of weeks ago when I was really motivated for school, blogging too, but now I can't seem to even care..Ok, that may be an overstatement, but you get it.. I really have to pull myself together.

Now I'll have to get ready - I'm getting picked up any minute now to look at some cars.

- Linh

Friday, September 6, 2013

Power of Flower

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Jeans - Vero Moda // Singlet - New Yorker // Knit - Gina Tricot // Boots - DNA 

Hey guys!
It's finally Friday and the weekend is ahead of us. I am actually going to spend my weekend in Oslo with Emma. We are going to attend a coaching course for cheerleading and will stay at a hotel. The course is from 9 am to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday. I don't know if the hotel has free wi-fi, but if not, I probably won't be able to update the blog. At least now you'll know the reason.

Hope you'll have a great weekend! ;)

- Linh

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why can't I be the one controlling the weather?

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Old cardigan - Mama's // Jeans - Bik bok // Boots - Nelly // Singlet - New Yorker 

I haven't really had the time to update the blog the past days, so sorry for the absence.

I think the autumn is kicking in here in Norway. The weather is getting colder and the sun is disappearing. If it was me controlling the weather, I would have given us a warm autumn this year. Not too hot, because I like the autumn trends, clothes and all, but not to cold either.

Anyway, this is just a quick hi, showing you today's outfit. I've been sitting on the computer for the last five hours trying to decide what and where I'm going to study after high school. Maaaan, it is hard! When I think I'm sure about one thing, I think of another school/program. Soo therefore I still have a lot of homework to do before I can rest my head on the pillow.

Have a great evening!

- Linh

Monday, September 2, 2013

We all need that statement sweater

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Sweater - Zara // Jeans - Primark // Boots - Nelly.com 

A late post is better than no post. I've been crazy busy this Monday.. or not really, but I didn't get home from school before 4 pm and had to leave 20 minutes later. You probably don't know that I am a cheerleading coach, but every Monday and Wednesday I coach my junior coed team with three other girls in our neighbour city, Sarpsborg. A lot of time goes to that, so on those days I don't really have time for anything else than coaching, homework and eating. But I'm not complaining - it's fun, most of the times.

I better get something done before I go to bed. Been super tired all day, so need my long, beauty sleep tonight. My class doesn't begin until 9 am tomorrow, so I hope I get at least a half an hour longer sleep.

Good night!

- Linh

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Those late summerdays

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 photo 1305255_10151883557109756_1420531554_n_zpsf9ccfa62.jpg

 photo 1290095_10151883556374756_704752664_n_zps181df070.jpg

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 photo 1167838_10151883557274756_397692920_n_zps363e5d53.jpg

 photo 1147846_10151883556604756_1450269045_n_zps36e8a852.jpg
Skorts - eBay // Heels - Sugarfree Shoes // Cardigan - H&M // Top - Stills // Clutch - New Look // Accesories - MBMJ, Bik bok and Rhodes

This was yesterday's outfit. I was out on a birthday party for two of my closest friends and had an amazing time. The apartment where the party was, was by the sea and it was so beautiful. It was modern with huge windows and with the view of the sunset, I felt like I was in an episode of Gossip Girl or something.

Later that night, Emma and I drove people around. We wasn't home before 6 am(!), so I only got 5 hours of sleep today... But at least we made some money.

This Sunday is going to homework, reading and relaxation. In two hours I am going to meet up with my friend, whose name is also Linh, and I think we are just going to sit down on a café or restaurant and catch up.

Wish you a nice Sunday!

- Linh

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Which bag?

In November I'm going on a weekendtrip to London with Julie, Emma and Linda. The main purpose is to check out the nightlife and of course have an awesome time, but we also have a lot of time to do some shopping and do tourist stuff. My birthday is coming up right before we leave and I hope to save up some extra cash to buy myself a late birthday gift. I really want a designer bag and I've been looking on the ones you see on the picture.
On the top is 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli Satchel in black or cobalt. Bottom left is Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM and right Michael Kors Hamilton in cobalt. I would love to have them all, but money does (unfortunately) not grow in my backyard.

Which one would you choose? The Philip Lim bags are the most expensive and MK the cheapest.

- Linh

Breakfast tip: Oatbran Banana Pancake

Good morning! 

My delicious breakfast is far down my stomach and it's almost time to hit the gym. My breakfast is usually the same: potato wraps with peanut butter, whole wheat bread with eggs or sometimes yoghurt with fruit. But this morning we had no potato wraps left (I usually eat a pack with 8 wraps a day.. wops!), so I went on instagram to get a little inspiration. I came over @tastyhealth's easy oatbran banana pancake recipe and in no time it was ready to be eaten. So easy, but yet sooo good! And it is really filling. I decorated mine with peanut butter, greek yoghurt, banana slices and cinnamon, but you can also choose whatever you would like with it.

- 1/4 cup (25 gram) oat bran (I used the same amount of oats)
- 2/3 small banana (I used half of a medium banana and used the rest to decorate my plate)
- 1 tbsp coconut flour
- 1/2 tsp baking powder
- 2 egg whites

All you gotta do is mix the ingredients with a hand blender and fry it on medium heat 1 minute each side. Voila! You got yourself a tasty breakfast.

Now I'm waiting for the rain to stop, so that I can get my butt to the gym. It's leg-day today...

- Linh

Friday, August 30, 2013

The sexy dress

Get it here

I've seen this dress on a lot of bloggers and people on Instagram - and I can't say anything else than I love it. The dress is really sexy and the peplum accentuates a woman's curves... or it can give an illusion of some.
And a big plus in the book for the price - only 199kr!

Although I really like it, I can't seem to get myself to click it home. I think it's just too daring for me. But maybe I'll change my mind. I really hope so, because this dress is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

- Linh

Calling in the weekend

Tights - Cubus // Sweater - Zara // Vest - Vero Moda // Shoes - Nelly.com // Necklace - Bik bok
A quick snapshot from today's outfit taken by Emma at the gym.

TGIF! I'm calling in the weekend with movies and snacks. To me Friday is the reload-day of the week. You're tired from school and need time to reload before the weekend really starts, and it is a super way to catch up with the TV series you're watching.

Since Emma and I finish school earlier on Fridays, we decided to be a little bit sportier today. We went to the gym right after school and I had a good workout on both back and arms. We've actually been working out more often lately, partly because we have an ongoing bet to get abs before our Londontrip in November. We will have to see how that turns out, but it's fun to work out anyway, especially since it gives me tons of energy.

Well, well - Hope you enjoy your Friday, whether you're out partying or sitting at home.

- Linh

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baseball jacket

 Baseballjacket and jeans - Bik bok // Wedges - Nelly.com // Shirt - Pull&Bear 

My brother snapped some photos of today's outfit just now for the blog - after hundreds of "please"s from me of course. Didn't wear the wedges to school though, but threw them on for the photos. I like how the baseballjacket calms the outfit by making it more everyday casual.

I don't really like the quality of the photos, so sorry about that. I don't own the best camera in the world and don't really understand much of the settings. And the focus on the camera is super bad. But we'll just have to bear with it - can't really afford to buy a new camera anytime soon.

- Linh

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This is what's going down at this very moment; history homework. I actually like being back on the school bench, but I have to admit that the homework-part isn't really my favorite. Since it's my last year in high school, I want to do my very best. I am motivated to make it my best year school-related, but that means doing every single homework-assignment. But I'll just have to bite the bullet and do it.

But on to something else - how do you like my new, or well, improved design? I don't have any pictures which could fit as a header, so I just made something simple. I think it turned out pretty cool anyway.

Well, I should really continue with my history tasks. Maybe I even get to update the blog one more time before this day is over. Hope so.

- Linh

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The last breath of summer

Sweatshirt - Pull&Bear // Shorts - Zara // Shoes - Converse // Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs // Caps - my brother's 

Hi! So I'm starting this blog with an outfit-post. This is actually all new to me - not the blogging part, but Blogger and writing in English is. I've actually missed the blogging part for a long time now and have considered to restart my blogging "career" at my old norwegian blog for so long. But I decided to create a new blog, on a new platform to improve my English. I want to study abroad, maybe in the states or England, and since I no longer have English in school, what better way to improve my English skills than to blog in it.

I will blog as I did before; write and post about things that interest me like fashion, music and cheerleading, post quotes/pictures I find inspiring and share my everyday life.

I can't wait to blog again - I'm so motivated!!

- Linh