Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The last breath of summer

Sweatshirt - Pull&Bear // Shorts - Zara // Shoes - Converse // Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs // Caps - my brother's 

Hi! So I'm starting this blog with an outfit-post. This is actually all new to me - not the blogging part, but Blogger and writing in English is. I've actually missed the blogging part for a long time now and have considered to restart my blogging "career" at my old norwegian blog for so long. But I decided to create a new blog, on a new platform to improve my English. I want to study abroad, maybe in the states or England, and since I no longer have English in school, what better way to improve my English skills than to blog in it.

I will blog as I did before; write and post about things that interest me like fashion, music and cheerleading, post quotes/pictures I find inspiring and share my everyday life.

I can't wait to blog again - I'm so motivated!!

- Linh

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